2 October 2015

Worshipping God through music by Jack Lewis

There are many different opinions about what sort of worship music pleases God. Some people believe that instruments like drums and guitars are instruments of the Devil, even though 1 Chronicles 13:7-8 would suggest otherwise; while many others (myself included) disagree. Different people find different kinds of music help them connect with God better; there are the types of people who like old hymns with an organ in the background, and there are the people who like the modern loud worship stuff that you find at places like Soul Survivor or Hillsong United. Any style of music you like though was all made with worshipping God in mind. So whatever kind of Worship Music you like, and whatever style of Worship Music makes you want to put in earplugs and walk out the door, it is all there to glorify God, so does that not make all worship music good in God’s eyes?

If you are the type of person, though, who finds it hard to use worship music as a way of getting closer to God, then that is also fine; and if you like worship songs but want to connect more with God through them, then here are a couple of tips that have helped me.

1. Get with a group of people who you find it easy to be around, sometimes there are people who you find it difficult to be around because you find them a bit judgemental of how you look during your Worshipping.

2. Try and forget who is around you and what your surroundings are as if you are concentrating on what the people around you are doing then you will find it very hard to focus on God. If you can then also get someone to pray with you.

These are just a couple of things that work for me but everyone will have different things that work for them, but I think the most important thing about worshipping God is simply to ask him to connect with you and he will. Try it.