18 September 2015

God can use anyone, By Jack Lewis

There are so many people out there that must have the same problem as me, which is that I tend to judge people so quickly. I only have to look at a person and subconsciously I immediately make a judgement about what type of person they are, and so often I am totally wrong. It’s something we all do, even if we don’t admit to it. However a person looks or acts, God still loves them so much, and although it is so easy to know that God loves everyone, it sometimes takes a kick up the backside to get us to think about what this really means. An example of this to me came over the summer, when I was at a big Christian festival. It came during the ministry time, (the time when people are prayed for) when a disabled guy stood up to be prayed for. As I was standing next to him I thought, “I’ll just lay a hand on him and he will be done in a few minutes, after all he probably only wants prayer for the sake of it.” So I started praying for him, and God so obviously touched him in an indescribable way. With every passing second I felt more and more like a dope. Through this one guy being prayed for God spoke to me in such a clear way, and gave a new meaning to the phrase “God can use anyone.” It was an event that touched me so much that I thought I would share it on this blog, and I hope this encourages you!