27 October 2015

Making time for God 2 by Nathan Jukes

Several months back I wrote a post on making time for God. I want to come back it as I feel it’s is a really imported thing to do. How can you grow spirally if you don’t spend time with God every day? There is no better way to get to know God than reading his word.  I have found not reading my bible in the pass draws me away, it made me angry and more likely to hurt other people with my words and my actions. Keeping close to God makes it easily to become more like his son Jesus. As Christian goal should be to be like Jesus, I believe the more we read our bibles the more we should take in the closer we should become to God. If you feel after reading your bible for a long time and don’t ever fell close to God, then maybe you should rethink the way you do it. If you are doing it with a set time that you always have to it on that exactly time. You can it anytime a day God does not take naps or just can’t be bothered to spend time with you, it more the other way around I’ve had times when I hadn’t been bothered to read my bible and pray. I always do now because I want a relationship with God.  I enjoy reading my bible now, it took time to build up to everyday so don’t worry if the start with you can’t manage every day. If you wait and try your best you’ll be able to do it every day. Spending time with should not about being relish but wanting to get to know God better. You don’t even have to decide how long you are going to read it for, it will really dement on how much you want to read it. For me I just keep reading until I feel like I’m going to fall asleep, as I read my bible before I go to bed. I’ve heard the saying if you read your bible for 5 minutes a day you’re a ok Christian. 15 minutes and you’re doing pretty good, if you spend 30 minutes God you’re a super Christian. Don’t base your bible reading on this, not everyone will have 30 minutes a day to spend with God. A good reaction of what you are learning should come off in your daily life. If you’re a Christian and people can’t tell that you are, you’re doing it wrong. Also don’t act like it’s some great sacrifice to make time for God. God made the time so you act like you haven’t God enough time for God, it makes it seem like the other things in your life is more important.  Spending time with God should be less of an obligation and more of a privilege.  God made everything so what a privilege to spend time with him.

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. Psalm 119:105