23 October 2015

The EU headquaters, a symbol of today's world. By Jack Lewis

There are so many stories around in the media today that show how the world is going downhill, (from a Christian perspective) like the Bible said it would in the end times. There are all the headlines about the Syrian refugees who are having to flee their homelands and everything they own because Islamic State are bombing them, then they get here and we tell them to shove off. It’s just not right. We see these stories every day in the news, but here I am going to bring up an issue that you will not see about very often, and it’s to do with the EU headquarters in Brussels.

The European Union is the governing body over… everything (more or less) in Europe. They govern the whole of one of the most important continents in the world, so when it comes for the time for them to build a place for them to rule from, what do they base it on? The answer is the Tower of Babel. Out of all the things they could have chosen they decided to make their HQ like the tower of Babel!

    This sounds pretty bad on face value, but when you start digging deeper you can uncover more and more examples of evil. For starters, in the amphitheatre the 666 seat is left empty. It says in Revelation 13:18 that 666 is the number of man, and therefore the number of sin and evil (God’s number is 7, in case you’re wondering). Also they have cleverly placed three of their 60th birthday plaques on the wall in such a way to spell 666. Secondly, the official EU poster is of the tower of Babel, and if you look carefully, you will notice that the stars at the top are upside down.

Now what that also means, is that the stars are reversed pentagrams. It is quite detailed, but basically, regular pentagrams (like normal stars) represent good ruling, and reversed pentagrams like in the poster represent evil ruling.

The third and final thing that represents why Europe’s leaders are Satan’s ally is that the EU’s chosen symbol is… a woman riding a beast.

Revelation 17:3 says: "...and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns." They even used this as the picture on their 1984 postage stamp!

The reason, in my opinion, why the EU are doing all this, is because they think they are bigger than God. However on judgement day, their tower isn’t going to protect them from what is to come!  What all this really proves to me though, is that we are in the end times, because my country (England) are being indirectly governed by people who, put simply, identify themselves with evil. About 150 years ago, Queen Victoria’s was asked by an African ambassador what England’s secret to success was. She simply handed the man a Bible and told him that the book in his hands was the secret to England’s success. Was it a coincidence why her country was so successful?

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