27 May 2016

Why Memorize? - By Jack Lewis

For many of us, we find that when we get to those teenage years, it's hard to still be excited by God so much, especially as we don't want to look "uncool." We sometimes think that we can't do certain things because the methods seem outdated or we don't feel we have time, and one of the things that often suffers is memorizing parts of the Bible. We can sometimes feel that memorization is something that the last generation did, but we've since "moved on." While I'm not suggesting we have to be like the old Jewish teens that memorized the whole of the Old Testament, I still think that remembering one or two key verses is a great thing to do; just a few that we can apply to different situations. For example, whenever I get scared of something, (which isn't often!) I just think of the verse: Your rod and your staff comfort me." (Although for some reason it's always been "comfort and protect" to me, so I just end up imagining God bashing anything bad round the head with a stick!) Another example for my life, is that I'm currently working out my baptism. I'm not gonna lie here, I'm terrified of giving a testimony in front of 400 people, but at the moment 2 Timothy 1:7 is really helping me. Also you could try memorizing the verses I wrote about last week, so if you ever find yourself in a situation where you're talking to a non - Christian about God, then those verses might be a great help. So if you're not exactly the next Einstein and you haven't got the point of all I've just said: try memorizing some useful Bible verses! And if you still don't get it... go get an appointment with a psychiatrist! (Or Einstein)