17 May 2016

God Vs Satan

Have you even though about what God and Satan ofter. God offers everlasting life, light, salvation, Heaven, and Joy

Satan offers everlasting pain, darkness, sin, and Hell, and many more things. Satan will try to make everything thing look good and right, but really he just what's to take you to hell. God gave his only son Jesus to take away our sin. God wants to save as many people as he can to Heaven with him. God and Satan both want's you, but one only offers a good life. A good reward for the hard work you put in. One will trick you into believing that your good person, that you will make it to Heaven but really offers darkness and Hell. Satan only wants you because he doesn’t want to be the only one to end up in hell. His mission is to take as many people with him as he can, because he does not want anyone to go to Heaven. He hates God so much that he wants to deceive you into going to hell.

So why not take up God offer today  because he gave the thing that cost him the most, his son Jesus. If you haven’t already trust in Jesus to take away your sin, why not do it today. You have no Guarantee that will be here tomorrow. If you die tomorrow where will you go, Heaven or Hell?