12 May 2016

Guide to the Bible (10) Revelation - By Jack Lewis

Hello again! A shorter post today seeing as there's only one book that I haven't yet covered, Revelation. It's an incredibly strange book, and it's far detached from the rest of the New Testament. While the other books deal more with the here and now, Revelation is written about the future: the time that Jesus will return and set up his new kingdom here on earth. It's also strange in the way that it was written; it was actually a dream that John had. In this dream, or "revelation," John first heard from God what he thought about the churches in Asia minor. There is a personal assessment from God on each individual churches' conduct, and there's a mix of praise and criticism. Much of the criticism could also be leveled at some of our churches today. After this more practical part, John moves into the future. He tells of the terrible destruction that will come to those who turn their backs on God, and of the glory that will surround the new Heaven and Earth. While we don't know anything specific, we know that it will be "a perfect world," so if ever you are thinking "in a perfect world," realize that the only thing you need is to turn to God, and then one day you are guaranteed to live in an actual perfect world, for eternity! How cool is that! (Search for the "Saved?" post if you don't understand what it means to turn to God) So whilst some of the stuff in there might be a bit weird, we can just try and understand as much as we can, but most importantly remember the main point of the book: Turn to God and you will live with him for ever on an earth where nothing ever goes wrong!