9 February 2016

Wake up by Nathan Jukes

So many Christian’s these days are asleep. The things that go on in the world today is bad, And let some Christians don't seem to know that we are in the last days.  We should be awake to the fact of Jesus return. Lots of Christians are so asleep to it. You should only have to take one look at the world and you should know where it is going. We have to wake up, and not close our eyes to the bad things in the world.
 This is why he said:  Wake up, sleeper rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you. Ephesians 5:14 (NIV)

 What this verse is saying? It is saying that if we are asleep we need to wake up. Being asleep is like being dead. So that's why it says rise from the dead.  When we wake up, Christ will shine on us When we are awake and not asleep. We can see things that we can't see when are asleep. It is like being enlightened to light after being blind for a long time. So live in the light of Jesus and don’t fall asleep.