18 February 2016

Be patient with God, he knows what he's doing (1) - By Jack Lewis

In the Bible, there are a lot of miracles recorded, and many of them happened very quickly. Things like the parting of the Red sea, Naaman’s healing, Lazarus rising from the dead, water coming from the rock, the woman touching Jesus’ coat and being healed, Jairus’ daughter, demons being cast out, and Jesus’ ascension. I could go on! What I mean is that all of these miracles happened instantly at God’s command, and these miracles tend to be our favourites. That’s why we can find it frustrating when the miracle we are praying for is taking so long. But don’t worry, God doesn’t always do things instantly, he sometimes decides to do it slowly.

 In Joshua 3, the Bible tells us the amazing story of all the Israelites crossing the river Jordan. This was in the flood season, so the river would likely have been about a mile wide and 150ft deep! You don’t just wade across a river like that. Now, Joshua’s instructions from God were to have the priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant stand in the river, and it would stop flowing. The Israelites must have been watching and waiting; expecting to see the river just part, like the crossing of the Red sea. But this time, that was not what God had planned. Instead, a long way upstream, the river stopped flowing, and after a couple of hours, the river went down a few feet. Then another few, and so on until the river was dry and crossable.

Miracles don’t have to happen instantly! If you want another miracle like this, remember that the great flood didn’t happen overnight, Noah and his family would have been on that boat for about a year.

Moral of the story? Sometimes we just have to be patient and wait for God to complete what he’s already started; he knows what he’s doing!