11 January 2016

My Testimony by Daniel Jukes

So yesterday at church I got baptized it was great! and this is what I shared and I thought I would post it on the blog.

I'm Daniel I'm nineteen years old, I've been brought up in a Christian home and I've been to church all my life I've also been home schooled so I haven't had to deal with a lot of the stuff that goes on in the schools which has been a blessing.

When I was a baby my parents dedicated me to the Lord and then when I was 3 or 4 years old I remember talking to my Mum and I asked Jesus into my life in my bedroom.

Since then I guess I've been growing as a Christian but there's been some ups and downs in my life, There's been times when I've questioned if God is really real and if he is does he care about me, But now I can honestly say that he is real and he does care about me, God cares about me so much that he sent his one and only son into the world to die on the cross to save me from my sin not just my sin but yours as well!

I try to read my Bible and pray everyday especially the last few years I don't always find it easy but I know it's what the Lord wants me to do so I try my best to learn about him and pray and follow his leading.

Over the last few years I've seen a few other people get baptized and I really want to grow as a Christian and I believe God wants me to get baptized so that's what I'm doing today!
I chose the song Lord I need you because I really do need Jesus in my life. Thank you to everyone who is here today to witness this special moment in my life!