9 November 2015

Jesus understands, he's been through it himself - By Jack Lewis

Many times in life, while we are going through hard times, we think to ourselves, "No one understands what I am feeling like inside”; well, Jesus does, not only because he is "All knowing," but also because he experienced it first hand. He wanted to relate to us so much that he became one of us. When he was growing up he did the same things as any other human children; after all, he didn't spend his whole life teaching and doing miracles, in fact he started off as a carpenter working with his dad. So the day to day things that get us down, Jesus probably went through himself. He was probably bullied from time to time, he almost certainly went through illnesses, he probably had troubled thoughts and worries, he would have had arguments with his brothers, he would have had bumps and bruises from falling, and he wouldn't have been a spoilt child who had everything he wanted. And if that doesn't convince you that he understands your situations, then remember he could have used his "God powers," and given himself an easy and perfect life; but he decided instead to endure it all in the same way as us, so doesn't that make it obvious how much he loves you? He also went through death, and no peaceful death either; and before that he was flogged and made fun of, proof that he went through pain and times of people laughing at him.

One particular incident that I would like to look at is Jesus carrying his cross. It is recorded in all four gospels, (Matthew 27, Mark 15, Luke 23, and John 19), and is proof of just how human Jesus chose to became. While carrying the cross up to Calvary, he fell twice under the weight of it, and a man named Simon had to carry his cross for him. There is nothing in this to suggest that he used his "God powers" to become the world's strongest man and carry the cross around with him as if it was made out of cardboard! Also note that this was during the time of Jesus’ miracles, it wasn't like he was still in the stages of preparing for his ministries, in fact only a few days before he had healed the Roman soldier’s ear. (Luke 22:51)

In summary, just remember in every situation "Jesus went through this too, so he understands how I feel and if I ask he will give me the strength to cope!"