6 November 2015

Jesus is our Shepherd by Nathan Jukes

Jesus is the good shepherd he will lead us through life. Through the ups and downs he will always to there for us. Even if we go astray, he will come and find us and take us back to the good green grass.  Some times like sheep we see what looks like nice green grass. That looks even better than the nice green grass that is in the shepherd’s field.  Then we look for a hole in the fence go through into the field that looks so good, full of the riches grass. We take a few bites of it a walks on down the field with not noticing that the grass is becoming shorter and starker. Then we come to a dark wood, but we don’t stop we go into it because we have seen some more nice looking grass. After we have eaten it we try to remember the way back. We are like sheep at the point, with no brains and keep walking even deeper down into the dark woods. It is getting dark we get scare, we can’t we the way out. We get count up in some brambles. It is then that we cry for help. Back at the field the shepherd counts the sheep, there is one missing so he leaves the rest to come and find it. When he is still a long way of he hears your cries for help, He runs to you picks you up out of the brambles cutting his hands as he does.  Then he puts you his shoulder and takes you back to the field with rich grass, back with the other sheep. You are home again, back with the shepherd.

Now when the sheep see the green grass that looks even greener then he already got. It’s a lot like temptation. The sheep just wants that grass so much that he goes after it. We sometimes like the sheep get tempted to do something wrong.

After we come through the hole in the fence the grass is nice for a bit, because Sin gives pleasure for a while.

After a while we get caught up in so much sin that we need someone to get us out of it. The sheep would need the shepherd , we would need Jesus to save us.  If we cry out to Jesus he will come and get us back as would the shepherd come you get the sheep. Then he will come and pick us up and take us back to him.