3 July 2015

Reading the Bible By Jack Lewis

Reading the Bible can sometimes feel very tedious, and we are often left thinking, “what on earth is God trying to say to me through this”? I struggle a lot when reading the Bible, but about Christmas time I found a Bible reading program in the back of my four month old barely used Bible. I started reading it and have found that it has really helped me find the interesting and relevant parts of the Bible. I would recommend it to anyone, so I have it printed here. It works on 14 day sections (occasionally 13 or 15) and you can read them at any pace you want so don’t panic if you don’t manage to read one every day. Towards the end of the readings I have put the order of them more orally, but if it does not make sense in any way then just put a comment and I will reply to it.

Download the reading plan http://1drv.ms/1KyV26z (copy and paste link)