31 July 2015

God can do (nearly) anything! By Jack Lewis

I am sure that nearly every Christian who reads this blog will agree with me that God it very powerful; but do we practice what we say about this subject often enough. We can say that we believe that God is all powerful, but if we never live this out then we will never see the full power and glory of God on this earth. What I mean by living this out is believing in- for example- God’s healing power and then practicing it by praying for the healing of a friend who has some sort of illness; and I know of or have seen many examples of where God does heal people in miraculous ways. And although he will not choose to heal every time, all he needs is for us to trust him and be bold in our faith and God will heal if it is his will. And if you believe that you are not as spiritually gifted as those people who can heal others, then remember this testimony (it is a true story): A friend of mine was out in McDonalds with his family and one of their friends, who had a heat rash. My friend’s two year old daughter prayed for this friend (who was a non-Christian at the time), and the rash instantly disappeared and has never returned! I think that story proves that God can heal at any time, in any place, and through any believing person. So next time you have a problem, don’t believe all the answers the world gives you, just lift your problem up to God and he will help you.
The God who raised people from the dead is certainly able to heal any illnesses you have, the God who owns everything can certainly help you through financial troubles, and the God who can move mountains can easily move doubts.

Why worry about what the world throws at you when the guy who can do anything is on your side; so take a leap of faith and trust him to help you!

(If you are wondering what God cannot do, the answer is he can’t sin!)