29 May 2015

Time to wake up CHURCH and pray! By Nathan Jukes

It is time for us to wake up as a Church.  You should know that in a few weeks in the USA there is a vote for gay marriage.  I live in the UK.  It came in a few years ago here and because of it some of our Christian people have a lot of problems.  I know of a few things that have happened here. One Christian couple had a Christian guest house, two gay men came and said they wanted a room with one bed, but the Christian couple said they could have a bedroom with two beds but the men took them to court and very sadly they lost the case. The point is that gays seem to be winning here. Do we want the gays in the USA? No, we don’t want them because God hates the sin but God loves them and wants them to repent from their sin. 

This is why it is said: “Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you. Ephesians 5:14(NIV)

1.       It is time for us to WAKE UP. We need to pray that the gays will not get their way in the USA. They will cause a lot of problems for us, the church.

2.       We need to rise from the dead; this means that we need to stop acting like we are Dead!

3.       If we try to be awake and not asleep then Christ will shine on us.

4.       I would like to encourage you to pray for the big vote that is coming up on gay marriage. Let‘s do our best to keep it out of the USA, we want it to be a Christian country.