28 August 2015

The second coming By Jack Lewis

Over time, many people have predicted when the world would end, and all have failed miserably! However, the world will one day end, and although we don't know when, we can use the Bible to work out a rough idea of what will happen to Christians when we die or the world ends. Firstly, I must make it clear that no one on this earth knows exactly what will happen, so what anyone writes about heaven it doesn't mean that it is what will always happen. Here, though, is a rough idea of what will happen on that glorious day, and afterwards.

Now the most popular theory that many believe, is that Christians will live in a wonderful place known as heaven, for eternity. However a closer look at what the Bible says shows that heaven is only a temporary place that dead Christians go until the second coming. Then, at Christ’s return, we will come back to “A new earth.” Whether on this planet or not, who knows, but this new earth will be “No more death or mourning or crying or pain,” so we essentially get to live in a perfect world! So next time you think, “Wouldn't it be nice to live in a perfect world,” just remember that one day you will. Does this not sound a very attractive proposition, especially when the alternative is Hell? (To find out more about hell, check out this blog post called “Saved?”)  Also will this not convince you to try and take as many people with you to this perfect world???

So my challenge for you is to bring at least one person (in your lifetime), into this perfect world. Will you accept it?